Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Georgette Klinger- luxe new skincare line!

Haute PR is so excited to announce the rebirth of the Georgette Klinger brand! Our newest client, Georgette Klinger has announced that they will be launching a fresh, new skincare line in the near future. Founded in 1941, Georgette Klinger developed a revolutionary approach to cosmetic skincare and became a household name with the success of their products.

Daughter, Kathryn and grandson, Trevor, recently bought back the Georgette Klinger trademark bringing the name back into the Klinger family. This means a new take on an old favorite brand.

Here at Haute PR, we are all very excited about reworking the line to appeal to the modern individual while delivering the same, quality results everyone has come to know and love. We will let you know the second products are online and on the shelves at salons and retailers... get ready to fall back in love with a classic line!

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