Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proenza Schouler PS1

Proenza Schouler reveals its first handbag by accident. The PS1 bag was tested on females in NYC since the designers wanted some feedback. Now the cat's out of the bag and the collection has come to stores like Barneys, just before the launch of her shoe line. There are three styles; a large or small bag and a clutch. They come in material from chocolate leather, mustard suede, and white python. Crocodile is available by special order. They are not overdone with labels, but has details like moire print lining or a laid back knot on the strap. The only drawback may be the price with bags ranging from $900-2,000.

NYC Plaza Shopping Would Make Eloise Envious

The past few weeks have brought a new addition to the Plaza Condos/Hotel. A few floors of retail stores have opened on the lower level. Some of the stores are MCM (Mode Creation Munich), a luxury handbag and leather company, an Austrian bakery, a skincare boutique, a haute jewelry store,Vertu, and a handful of other boutiques. The Plaza has given the retail space an international flair and will attract visitors, residents, and tourists to the busy Fifth Avenue shopping area.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doutzen Kroes a girl from the Netherlands

Doutzen Kroes is a top model and has appeared in ads for Calvin Klein's Eternity perfume ads, replacing Scarlett Johansson. She has appeared on the runway for many haute couture and popular designers. She has a unique look and hails from the Fresian area of the Netherlands.

PoweR Girls

A few years ago an MTV reality show portrayed the world of life in the public relations business. The cast was headed up by infamous p.r. guru Lizzie Grubman and four other inspiring hopefuls. At the end of the show one girl was chosen to work for Grubman's agency. The show has now past, but one can see simialrities between the Apprentice and Housewives of NY, Atlanta, and Orange County. One of the interns, Kelly,still works for Grubman, another started their own event planning comapny, one does p.r. for global communications at Estee Lauder, and the other star works for another agency. Public relations cat fights are always brewing.

Monday, January 26, 2009

HIP: High Intensity Pigments for Eyes

HIP, or High Intensity Pigments by L'oreal captures a rainbow of colors. the shadow duos come in coordinated pigments in 25 colors. They have shades called Showy Duo and Rascal Duo. The captivating colorists.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mandarin Miracles

Za , a cosmetic product that has moisturizers and whitening creams, has been developed by Shiseido for the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets. The line also maintains an international clientele and its English language web site is named "Za New York". The current face of the brand is half Swedish and half Chinese model, Ase Wang. Skin care has always played an important role in Chinese beauty with an emphasis on pale skin. Shiseido has had to up the level of whitening to keep up with the demand. A natural approach combined with medicine is also a trend. Winter melon is known to posses a coolness for a clearer complexion and ginseng makes skin smoother and increases energy levels. 90 million Chinese consumers spend about 10 % or more on cosmetics, so L'oreal, Shiseido, and Estee Lauder have opened large research facilities to better understand local tastes and develop products specific to the Chinese market.

Italian Villa the place in Lake Como

The legendary Ville d'Este hotel , in the town of Cernobbia , has always been the place to stay with guests such as George Clooney . The newest retreat is Villa delle Delizie, a private estate on cypress lined lake and is now available for rental. A marble staircse leads to four magnificent bedrooms with fireplaces and terraces.Rates go room $142,000 per week, but do not expect an invitation from George Clooney.

Lacoste has a flair for Winter French

The new Lacoste ad shows a snowy background with five winter clothed men and women jumping to celebrate the season. They have sweaters, scarves, leg warmers, hats, ear muffs, boots, and sunglasses. One can see they are bundled up for the cold weather or waiting for their apres ski drink.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gisele and Tom to Tie the Knot

Ubermodel Gisele Bundchen and New England Patriot linebacker Tom Brady are engaged. 
It was rumored Christmas Eve the two were going to be married, but this was denied and has now been restablished for good, Tom Brady proposed with a ring aboard a plane and Gisele has gladly accepted. Some bad press has been printed because he was dating Bridget Moynahan and they broke it off while she was pregnant with their child.

Sergio Rossi does Narciso Rodriguez shoes

Last June , Vogue had a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a black bandage dress by Narciso. Her back is wrapped with crisscrossing electric bands, done with impeccable engineering. Rossi was looking at the photo and the concept for the shoe became the basis for the dress. It is a sporty blue spike on a thin stiletto heel.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yves St. Laurent Lip Kisses

Yves St. Laurent carries about five different styles of lipstick. One of the is Twins Lipstick which enables one to combine two shades together. All of the styles come in a variety of packaging, but the gold color and YSL logo remain. Ladies can blow beautiful kisses and tout their pouty lips wherever they may go. Vive la difference.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Bathing

Rock bathing is a Japanese practice, but a spa in Toronto uses heat to cleanse, revitalize , rejuvenate, and heal the body and soul. It is kept between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius, and at a humidity level of 65 percent. The stone slab beds , which resemble a sauna, of black silica are packed with concentrated minerals and are known for their healing properties. They emit negative ions and infrared rays, which improve circulation, sped up metabolism and rid the body of impurities. The rocks are heated and cooled for about 45 minutes in order to stimulate the body's natural detoxification process. The flow of energy reduces stress and fatigue , in addition to smoothing skin.

Red Letter Day

Cartier's symbolic red carries a stylish stationary set. It sells for $55. One can order them at 1-800-227-8437. Cartier does sell more than jewelry and tank watches.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arlenis Class A Model

Arlenis is fashion's freshest face and makes a memorable runway debut in New York. She is a nineteen year old Dominican born mannequin at Oscar de la Renta's spring show at the grand ballroom of 583 Park Avenu. She has also been in 28 shows in NYC before making stops in Europe. Both Oscar de la Renta and Arlenis are originally from the Dominican Republic. She has just signed a contract with Lancome and is loving every minute of it.

Valentino's Rock n' Rose

Valentino's signature color is red, but his perfumed gift set is designed in pink with some black lace. It is a floral scent scent with a hint of spring greens.

Lattice new RX for Eyelashes

Lattice is a new breakthrough for lengthening eyelashes. It has a property that is used for glaucoma which has also been found to enhance lashes. It will be sold with 60 sterile applicators and will hopefully be one of the better beauty prescriptions. Brooke Shields is doing the ads. It takes about eight weeks to work and is quite expensive. Traditional mascaras will always be around, but those interested will be able to strive for thick gorgeous lashes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Color Harmony for Eyes

Yves Saint Laurent 5 Color Harmony for Eyes is a eye catching collection, in which Vogue shows the blue tones. It is navy, light metallic blue, shiny medium, grey tone, and aqua. The gold color compact radiate the elegance of this brand. This collection is called Riviera , but there are other
color groups.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gucci Tatoos for Love

Rhianna has added a whole new meaning to the traditional red and green Gucci stripes. She is
showing of heart tatoos which will benefit the Unicef Foundation and a foundation which benefits aids/hiv in Africa. Gucci has become much more avant garde compred to it old guard traditional image,

Flips for Covergirl

Three girls from the Olympic gymnastics team are going to do ads for Cover Girl. They say it

is an honor to be a youthful and spirited team of females who send the message for female

bonding. It is the first time Cover Girl has used athletes posing as a team and the girls will be

successful in thir athletic career as well.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Puma and Heatherette Team Up

Lydia Hearst, heiress to the Hearst publishing fortune and daughter of infamous Patti
Hearst, has designed a bag for Puma Sportswear that design house Heatherette will sell. The bag is a 10 limited-edition piece which will retail for $100. It is modeled after the French 77 bag and reviews have been mixed.

Jemma Goldsmith aka Jamilla Khan is lending her face to Azarro's fragrance

Jamilla Kahn , married at one time to Imran Khan, a Pakistani cricket player and politician, is lending her name to Azzaro's new fragrance launch. She is from England, but met Imran and
temporarily lived in Pakistan with him. Her name was changed from Jemma Goldsmith to Jamilla Khan when she married Muslim. Her pal, princess Diana, dated relative Hasnat Khan a heart surgeon. These British society ladies sometimes turn to mingle with internationals from English
schools. Azzaro says Jamilla is the exact allure he wants for. Azzaro. The two have collaborated on a capsule collection of eighteen pieces. They brought design inspiration from a Pakistani antique
wedding smock and used circular embroidery motifs.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mandarin Magic

Za is a cosmetic product that moisturizes and has a variety of whitening creams. It is owned by Shiseido and has been developed specifically for the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, but still holds an international clientele. Their web site is titled Za New York and the current face of the brand is half Swedish and half Chinese model Ase Wang. The Chinese have put a high value on pale skin. Shiseido has had to up the level of whitening to keep up with the demand. In ancient China, the tombs of imperial princesses were filled with combs, mirrors, and makeup dishes for the afterlife.

Petal Pushing, Shu In

Shu Uemera came out with graphic compacts designed by artist Mika Ninagawa. She uses kaleidoscopic color and has published more than 40 photography books, represented by the same Tokyo gallery that introduced Takashi Murakami the designer of the colorful Louis Vuitton bags. The compacts are stockd with megawatt Tokyo "cool eye" colors, lipsticks and glosses in lollipop shades, a makeup box and cosmetic case that are works of art, and a set of edgy, purple tipped eyelashes. She has also designed prints for Celine.

Valentino's Rock n' Rose

Valentino's signature color is red, but his perfume package is pink with black lace. The fragrance is floral with some spring green notes. After twenty minutes the rose scent is intensified. A gift set includes body lotion, shower gel, and the eau de parfum. It retails for $68 at Macys.

Jessica's Fancy is not in the Bronx

Jessica Simpson has introduced a fragrance called Fancy. Her all ready established cosmetics and bath and body line has done well, but it is time for a new scent. She became an aunt the other day when sister Ashlee had a baby boy named Bronx. Hope Fancy smells better than the Bronx, the borough that is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dylan Lauren is as Sweet as her Father Ralph

Dylan Lauren opened Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, right in midtown near Bloomingdales

and Lexington Avenue. There have been recent renovations to make room for more sweets.

She sells old styled candy, clothing, body products with flavors, pillows, and other accessories.

She graduated from Duke University with a major in fine arts and decided to go to candy and

design tradeshows to create this candyland fantasy. She parterned with Jeff Schwartz, from

FAO schweetz. The business has been around for sometime and since then stores have been

opened in the Hamptons, Orlando, Houston, and there are plans for some international venues

such as Tokyo. The irony is there is a dentist's office right above the Manhattan location, so

be careful of your sweet tooth. She also has candy for diabetics and markets to adults as well.

Do not be surprised to see birthday parties and charity events which are held often. Gift

baskets for all occasions and a store decorated with candy encased in the stairway and a huge

chocolate looking bear make it all the more appealing. Creativity flows in the Lauren family.

The question is how do you fit into Ralph's clothing after eating at Dylans.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Aerosmith daughter "Goes Crazy" for perfume

Givenchy presents Liv Tyler as the fun and free spirited model for their new perfume.

She is in a black and white photograph, standing on a bed with a black colored tuille

skirt and brassiere. The ad copy reads Very Irresistble Givenchy and very elegante,

very fun, very you. The bottle is a towering glass and pink color that would bring out

the femme fatale in every woman.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weighty Matters

The fashion industry sems to be sending mixed messages about weight. After the death of

a Brazilian model from anorexia , the agencies and other industry members expanded the

BMI ratio and requirements for modeling. An Italian model did a public service announcement

concerning her battle with anorexia and sent out the message do not be too thin. Then someone

made a video of Victoria Secret beauty Karolina Kurkova having too much cellulite. It seems

that between the media, public opinion, and the fashion industry women are on both ends of the


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bloomingdales meet the Beatles

This holiday season Bloomingdales is offering a sales promotion that will make customers

want to go back to Beatle's nostalgia. If one makes a purchase of a certain amount , they

will receive a CD. Another musical link to fashion is Dereon sportswear, outerwear, footwear,

and legwear which features Beyonce in their ads. Her new album release is announced as

coming to stores at the bottom of the Dereon picture. The link between fashion and music

is a wayof bringing to creative worlds together. It is constantly used at fashion shows and in

music videos. Think George Micheal's "Freedom".

Wishing for an Angel

A new ad featuring Angel perfume is for the holidays. The caramel, chocolate, and vanilla scents
capture it, but the ad is creative and sparkly for the season. The angel perfume bottle is in the center with actress Naomi Watts wearing a sheer gown , the background has fragmented looking pieces of Angel perfume which brings the wintertime to life. Hope an angel brings your Christmas wish.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reese Witherspoon Avon Ambassador

Reese Witherspoon has just wrapped up a new comedy, "Four Christmases" with Vince Vaughn. She is being interviewed in the November Vogue and is speaking candidly about love, divorce, family and life from the fairy tale Parisian Hotel de Crillon. She is the first ever Avon Global Ambassador which supports women's rights. Her role is endorsing an entrepreneurial version of micro-loans for females around the world. Whether it be a single working American mother or an African tribal one; this position empowers the female.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Elizabetta Fantone Sets the Tone

     Elizabetta Fantone is a sensation in Montreal, Quebec. She is a pop star, artist, and model.

     She was born in Italy and then moved back to Montreal. She is fluent in French, Italian, and is

     learning Spanish and German; very international. Her paintings are similar to the artist 

     Nagel, which are modern and abstract faces of women. One of her pictures she explained 

     as a woman who is crying with tears of joy. Fantone does a lot of  art work at night and

     explains in a video interview how she has been perceived as unreal or untouchable. She

     has also just put out a recent pop hit and has done some modeling.