Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bvlgari's Petits and Maman's Playtime Bath Line

Bvlgari has recently developed a perfume, lotion, and soap line for mothers and their little children. The packaging is tres cute with bottles designed with little pastel colored animals. It is an ideal gift, especially two differently sized sets containing the full collection.  Playful fish, elephants, and other symbols make bath time look much more fun and they smell great too. A baby shower might be the perfect occasion to purchase these products.

Tom Ford Makes Perfume good Enough to Drink

Tom Ford's new perfume is named Champaca Absolute, eau de perfum. The bottle is black and touts the designers name on a cream label with black script. The fragrance has notes of liquor and is a change from the spice and flower routine. One will have to wait and see if it makes your senses tipsy.

Lapo Elkann Makes Italian Sunglasses

Lapo Elkann is an Italian heir to the Fiat fortune, but has had his share of misfortunes. In 2005 he was in a coma after taking cocaine possibly laced with heroin. He has been in the European jet set circle and is now starting to link with Italian companies and start fashion p.r. and market high end sunglasses under the brand name ,Sever, which cost $1300 U.S. dollars.

Model Mayhem in NYC

There was a contest for the TV show America's Next Top Model and many were waiting in line to try out for the show. There was chaos and six people were injured and had to be taken to the hospital because of the trampling.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Alexande McQueen Sells Street Fashion Prices

Alexander McQueen has taken his high fashion line to street fashion prices. The clothes start for women at $14.99. His tag line is design for all. It is available at select stores and at starting March 4- April 14. His ad features a doll dressed in his clothes.

Ausies Like L'oreal Too

The L'oreal fashion and trade show took place in Melbourne, Australia today. It promotes the brands name with a fashion show from designer Bob Mackie and styles from the 1920's flapper girl genre. Fashion shows are branching out around the worls, it is no longer just NY, Paris, and Milan.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kat Von D Tattoo Trivia

Kat Von D. is a tattoo artist who has risen to fame by having a show called LA Ink and starting her own tattoo business. She has always been creative from a young age and played the piano. Sephora has given her the opportunity to have her own makeup line and one of her popular eyeshadow palettes is called Beethoven. She has just written a book called High Voltage Tattoos.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pam's Polka Dots

Pamela Anderson wore a black dress with different colored polka dots by Vivienne Westwood during fashion week. The dress is quite flamboyant and did not get the best reviews, but Pamela Anderson and many other celebrities are used to getting tailed by the fashion police.

Tennis Stars Score 40 Love with Fashion

Tennis and fashion pair up on the court. Maria Sharapova is in an ad for Cole Haan and the tennis beauty is wearing a white dress and carrying a cream bag with orange trim. Cole Haan is also showing white and orange Nike Air sports shoes. The tag line reads Maria Sharapova and her Kyle Tote. Another tennis star is a Serbian stunner Ana Ivanovic who is modeling the Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust. Ana turned pro at 15 and World Class at 16. She ranked 4 at 19 and at twenty is number one. The ad copy reads Beautiful. And on the court, undeniable. Rolex is a crown for every achievement. Ivanovic is wearing a green and white tank top and is holding a racket in back of her head while modeling the white and diamond watch with her winning grip.

Goop is Not Sticking in Some Places is a blog just started by Gwenyth Paltrow. It seems like an interesting blog, maybe not completely original but seems eye catching enough. It covers topics such as; travel destinations, where to stay and eat, parent/child relationships, exercise / nutrition, and fashion. The actress relates some of her personal experiences and mixes it with information. Paltrow has been criticized for it, even by the New York Times. She states that the readers who do not like it, do not understand her creation. She said friends have always asked for advice on different subjects and feels blessed to have been able to experience a variety of arenas, so why not share it with others. One wonders is it because a well known actress has written it as opposed to a non celebrity persona?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Sweetest Sin

Jessica Simpson has been the subject of the media recently because she has gained some weight. Many magazines and TV shows have criticized her recent weight gain which is no where as dramatic as the press makes it out to be. Her sister Ashlee Simpson Wentz has spoken out on her behalf, saying people should not be harassed about their weight and there states there are all shapes and sizes. Even Dolly Parton who Jessica has sang with went on the Larry King show and spoke about the media's unfair scrutiny of Jessica's figure.

Dolce and Gabbana plays Starlet to Scarlet

Dolce and Gabbana have ads for a cosmetics line starring Scarlet Johansson. The line is premiering April 2009 exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue New York and Beverly Hills. Scarlet is dressed in white with a white satin sheet backdrop and is modeling red lipstick. The packaging is gold colored and has the DC logo on the lipstick. The gold trend is sparkling and might reflect the fantasy for an economic recovery.

Clinique MD

Clinique cosmetics has come out with a new line. They have cleansers, treatments for more extreme skin conditions, eye creams, and a range of other products which are available at physician's offices. The packaging is different in design, but it is a step in the right directions, so look in your doc's makeup bag.

When Film and Fashion Collide

Fashion designer Valentino is going to be the star of a new documentary which will soon be released;Valentino:The Last Emperor. He is shown in both a personal and professional light. There are clips of him at home, in the design room, with the models, and recognition for his groundbreaking designs. It is a tribute to his contribution to the fashion world and illuminates his style with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, his famous signature red gowns, and his perpetual Italian flair and sun tan. Valentino felt it was important to make a woman look beautiful.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Paris Hilton's pink Bentley

Paris Hilton just bought a customized pink Bentley that will make her stand out more from the Beverly Hills crowd. The Bentley GT was custom made a light pink hue and fits her image and personality. At least it's not a pink Cadillac.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oliver Peoples' Sunglasses pair with "Catch A Tuesday" star Zooey Deschanel

Oliver Peoples' sunglasses are worn by actress Zooey Deschanel. This is a promotion for a film called "Catch A Tuesday" starring Deschanel and Matt Costa, written by Autumn De Wilde. To view the film go to www.OLIVERPEOPLES.COM. The sunglasses are also linked with the movie and give a resemblance to Audrey Hepburn's image.

Skeleton Watches and Chic, No Bare Bones

Skeleton watches are a new style to emerge from the graveyard. The watches expose their inner workings and create a different perspective on these timepieces. Brands such as Swatch, IWC, Hamilton, Rado, Bulova, and Timex are all featuring this look. Alexander McQueen has skeleton designs on his clothes and one wonders what designers Ghost and Rag and Bone might come out with.

Ralph Lauren's Metallic Gold and Khaki Collection: Safari Mixed with Elegance

The Ralph Lauren Collection is emphasizing sparkly gold and khaki tones for the spring season. In one ad a woman is wearing a suede brown cowboy hat, ripped khaki shirt , chandeleir earrings and carrying a monogramed R&L tote bag paired with dressy gold sequin pants. She is in the rugged terrain with a motorcycle. Another ad shows a woman in an elegant gold lame evening dress, revealing the decolettage and arm area. She is posing against a silver jet plane with a mountainous backdrop. She is wearing gold drop earrings and has on an exotic gold studded metallic head wrap. One can catch a glimpse of the Spring 2009 fashion show and a behind the scenes look of the Ralph Lauren Collection with the Ralph Lauren collection iPhone application.

Guess Who's Jumping on the Premium Denim Bandwagon?

Guess jeans have changed their design and logo. Instead of their triangle with Guess and a question mark, they have a peace symbol on back with metal studs around the pockets, it says Guess Premium. They have a dark haired green eyed model wearing a jeans bustier and jeans jacket, the bling is prominent as well. The other page of the ad shows a man holding the female and her back is slightly revealed with a short jeans jacket. The red lipstick and nail polish scream seduction and boldness.

Slumdog Millionarie , Bollywood Beauty

Freida Pinto is a new star who has made a mark with her role in Slumdog Millionaire. She grew up in Mumbai and has done some modeling, but this is the first major movie she has had. The other night she wore a golden couture gown to the Golden Globes and got rave reviews for this as well.

Southwest Airlines Flying Out of Bounds?

Southwest Airlines has joined with Sports Illustrated in a promotional campaign to draw attention to their swimsuit edition. Bar Raefeli is painted on the side of these planes, posing in a seductive bikini clad shot. There are people who object to this advertising, especialy in the case of childrens' possible misinterpretations and others who object to the sexism and other "moral" value issues. Some do not mind the ad and do not view it in a derogatory way.  Passengers are worried it could lead to minors accessing internet pornography on board. Why some see it as a harmless promotion and others ae worried about possible ramifications is up in the air.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Barbie Turns 50

One of the most famous dolls in the world over the last 50 years has been the Barbie doll. It was created by Elliot and Ruth Handler in 1958, who have a daughter named Barbie and a son Ken. It has been an iconic symbol for children, primarily little girls, for as long as we can remember. It was modeled after a German cartoon the Lilli doll. Today Barbie is owned by Mattel and has made 3.3 billion dollars in annual sales. Every three seconds, three dolls are sold to three people around the world and there are more Barbies than people. The Barbie doll has evolved over the years and changed its image with the times. Barbie is now less traditional, has different homes and accessories/clothes, hopes, plus different career paths, including president. There is a doll of African descent and other ethnicities. One of the biggest news stories was in response to Barbie's unrealistic measurements with a size 18 inch waist and legs longer than her arms.  Her figure has since been adjusted along with her marriage to Ken, which ended in divorce. This years NYC fashion week had fifty designers create fifty Barbie looks and outfits on the runway to celebrate the birthday. Happy 50th, the popularity is due to adoration for this toy who has come to life for many. There is also a book called Barbie and Ruth Handler which is a birthday resent for the doll.

Nights in White Satin

There is a new trend in nail couture this coming spring/summer 0'9 season. Chanel's show featured white nail polish to match their white linen and pale color clothing. The two popular Chanel whites are called White Satin 459 and White Ceramic. This shade can also look nice on top of a French manicure. Zoya has a shade called Purity, but it is more opaque. Barielle has a white color called Sensitive. The website Sugar Bella reported that Charlize Theron, Beth Ostrosky, and Tinsley Mortimer were seen at a movie screening the other night. Lighten up. The black goth look may be at its end.

The Best Dressed Man in Esquire

Prince Charles has been selected as the best dressed man according to Esquire Magazine. He is always refined and has custom made shirts, suits, ties, and shoes. He is shown has the epitome of what a gentleman should dress like. David Beckham, Roger Federer and Ralph Fiennes are also ranked highly. Tony Blair, on the other hand and the mayor of London were not as highly rated. I guess the expression dress British , talk Yiddish holds some truth.

RX for Lashes

Medicine has found a formula for creating longer eyelashes. Lattice is a formula that could help make eyelashes darker and longer because of its medicinal properties. It has been used to treat glaucoma, but doctors have found it now might work for makeup.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Barbie Goes Wild With Tatoos

A minority of consumers are making issues that the doll now comes with tattoos of butterflies, hearts, flowers and stars. These tattoos are not gang related images nor send a negative message, but are more like stickers. Many mothers have real tattoos and let their daughters get temporary tattoos for fun. Most people would be more shocked at some of Barbie's outfits and the way tweens and teens are dressing today. The doll's unrealistic body shape could seen as been more traumatic, in that it could send the message that thin is in and anorexic problems are frequently overlooked. In the past, Barbie's friend, Midge, was pregnant and that sent triggers about teen pregnancy and what girls might possibly view as role models. Other dolls have temporary tattoos, so this is not a new phenomena. One also has the option not to buy these dolls. The current state of the world has more crucial issues to deal with.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Does Your Color Measure Up?

Clairol has come out with a new hair color called Perfect 10. It is a high gloss color that works in ten minutes and protects hair as it colors. It can be searched online at PERFECTCOLORIN10.COM. It's tag line reads the color that changes everything.

Barbie's New Properties

A Barbie doll store has just opened in a suburb in Taiwan near Shanghai. It has dolls with many heels, traditionally dressed Chinese Barbie dolls, and is overrun with customers. The oldest one on display is from 1967. The first Barbie was shown wearing a black and white bathing suit. Another tribute is the temporarily rented Barbie Malibu Dream House decorated with wall to wall pink carpet, has a huge chandelier, and all her clothing and historical memorabilia. It was designed by Jonathan Adler, a well known interior designer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irreverent Pink Lips Sealed with a Kiss

Lancome's Spring 09 collection, by Aaron De Mey, is starring la laque fever. It is a laquered lip that will last for 6 hours. Packaged in a silver tube with a pink band and small white rose, it has a lip gloss applicator. Pink Irreverence is the title in the ad. Lancome is quite a French brand and markets itself to higher end department stores. 

O.P.I. Nail Polish Collections are Well Manicured

O.P.I. nails are always coming up with new colors that have catchy names. They are a very popular brand in nail salons and can be purchased at stores and online as well. Some of the names are plays on words using famous places in France and Russia. Another line is capturing the trendy dark goth look with their After Dark Collection. Lincoln Park After Dark has a black/purple tone to it and is a stunning shade with this season's fashions.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Feng Shui meets Fashion

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that literally means wind meets water and is an art form which contributes to an energy driven balance and harmony. It has been used to enhance architecture, burial, and agriculture. Now it is fashion's turn. Designers Emanuel Ungaro and Donna Karan are using this form to help with clothing appeal. They are taking into consideration the symbolism and emotion of colors that will match people's style and bring out their best fashion style. Colors have meaning and are assigned numbers. The silhouette and fabric are also part of the feng shui trend.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Christies Auctions Yves St. Laurent Items

Yves St. Laurent possessions have been auctioned at the famous Christies. The designer owned a lot of valuable furniture and paintings which have made the news. A chair just sold for 22 million dollars last week. St. Laurent was one of the most influential french haute couture designers and his belongings reflect his flair for style.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heidi Montag's Fashion Line is Over the Hills

Heidi Montag is designing a clothing line named Heidiwood. It is going to be marketed to teens and clothing will cost between $10 -$60. The line will be sold at Azure Blue Stores. A lot of teens will be able to relate to the clothes because they are glued into the Hills.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar

Bar Raefeli is the cover model for the annual Sports Illustrated cover. She is from Israel and she is used to the Mediterranean beaches. One does not need to look far to see that she is excellent at posing in swimsuits that soak up the sun. There are plenty of other models in this issue, but Bar Raefeli is the pick this time.

Paris Fashion Week , Sao Paulo Fashion Week , and the "Luxury Economy do not Fall Down"

This past week Paris Fashion shows were up and running. They had Dior, Chanel, and Givenchey. Typically they have 23 shows, but this week they were only three down to twenty. The Sao Paulo shows which are not quite as well known were filled with designers and people eager to look and buy. Forbes magazine had an article about how the economy has not prevented the wealthier segment from shopping for luxury items. They were featuring Brioni suits for $45,000, Bottega Venneta sunglasses for $6,000, and well made belts for $18,000.

Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady Tie the Knot

There were rumors about Giselle and Tom planning to get married and then they were dismissed. It did finally surface because over the weekend the two were hitched in a small ceremony at a Santa Monica church. The bride wore a Dolce and Gabanna dress and had her three dogs with D&G collars. It was an intimate affair, typical Giselle's secret.