Monday, June 7, 2010

If you haven't been to The Market... need to go ASAP. The Market NYC, located at 268 Mulberry Street in SOHO, is a jem of a place that's overflowing with unique vendors willing to sell you their distinctive creations for bargain prices. From stunning vintage frocks from the 50's, to one-of-a-kind pocket watches from the 30's to original graphic tees by up-and-coming designers of today, The Market is entertaining to simply walk around and look at everything that's there, even if you don't buy anything (but, who are we kidding, you will).

I was "just browsing" and ventured upon jewelry designer Alexandra Beth's table and couldn't help myself. Her Hamsa bracelet, which is a symbol for protection used often in the Middle East and Africa, was simple and beautiful. I opted for the coral and turquoise combo and snagged it for only $15. It's great to wear on its own or stack with other pieces. She also had a bunch of very trendy studded-leather wrap bracelets that I plan on going back to purchase soon!

Another stand that caught my eye was a vintage jewelry vendor whose name has escaped me but you'll know it's her when you see her stuff. Her table was full of some of the most interesting vintage pieces I've seen, ranging from a Victorian magnifying glass necklace to a collection of discrete pocket knives in a range of forms, one being a golden peanut on a necklace chain. My friend purchased a vintage golden locket from the 30's that had happened to have a B on it, and her name being Bonnie, she just couldn't resist. She had her lengthen the chain and got it all for only $50. There are no duplicates in her collection and everything had a very original feel.

The only downside to this place was the lack of AC. I was sweating through my blouse like I was in a Spring Break wet t-shirt contest-but, it was totally worth it. I looked at it as having a poor-man's Marisa Miller moment, just rocking the sweat like it's supposed to be there, minus the abs and plus frizz in my hair, but close enough.

The Market also takes credit cards. What more could you ask for :).

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