Sunday, August 31, 2008

Haute Rocks

The famous House of Bulgari will be 125 years old next year and is still

sizzling with its jewelry. One of their necklaces is selling for a mere

$500,000. The 49 emeralds, three tourmalines, twelve mandarin garnets, all the

diamonds, and 18-karat gold are the dazzlng gemstones, but the price reflects

time. It takes on average, three to four months to source a grouping of stones

and drafting a design can be three months, with about 60 revisions. There are

160 elements with the assembly of this piece and that is almost another two

months. The customer service requests arecan also be time consuming with a

Tokyo client wanting to see a few stones while on vacation inthe riviera. This

Italian brand is known for mixing precious and semiprecious stones in vibrant

colors. One only hopes Bulgari will wear as well in the next one hundred years.

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