Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Fashion and Architecture Collide

Designers are using strong geometric shapes in both fashion and furniture.

If one follows design history,changes in shape tend to be triggered by

timing and technology. Society is feeling the need to assert itself due

to factors such as the recession, oil shock, and the Iraqi war. In extreme

eras like World War II, Vietnam, and Watergate, the trend heads to more

angular and curved shapes. Designers also need a change from straight lines.

The jagged edge is popular with a designer named Grcic, who creates his

shapes and then makes them digital. The blob or oval in the age of the new

internet and then the digital ripple were a reflection of past technology,

but now we are in the age of the angle. If this helps us express our angst

and release or assert our anger; this is a creatively passive and cathartic

fashion to do it.

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