Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dylan Lauren is as Sweet as her Father Ralph

Dylan Lauren opened Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, right in midtown near Bloomingdales

and Lexington Avenue. There have been recent renovations to make room for more sweets.

She sells old styled candy, clothing, body products with flavors, pillows, and other accessories.

She graduated from Duke University with a major in fine arts and decided to go to candy and

design tradeshows to create this candyland fantasy. She parterned with Jeff Schwartz, from

FAO schweetz. The business has been around for sometime and since then stores have been

opened in the Hamptons, Orlando, Houston, and there are plans for some international venues

such as Tokyo. The irony is there is a dentist's office right above the Manhattan location, so

be careful of your sweet tooth. She also has candy for diabetics and markets to adults as well.

Do not be surprised to see birthday parties and charity events which are held often. Gift

baskets for all occasions and a store decorated with candy encased in the stairway and a huge

chocolate looking bear make it all the more appealing. Creativity flows in the Lauren family.

The question is how do you fit into Ralph's clothing after eating at Dylans.

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