Friday, January 16, 2009

Jemma Goldsmith aka Jamilla Khan is lending her face to Azarro's fragrance

Jamilla Kahn , married at one time to Imran Khan, a Pakistani cricket player and politician, is lending her name to Azzaro's new fragrance launch. She is from England, but met Imran and
temporarily lived in Pakistan with him. Her name was changed from Jemma Goldsmith to Jamilla Khan when she married Muslim. Her pal, princess Diana, dated relative Hasnat Khan a heart surgeon. These British society ladies sometimes turn to mingle with internationals from English
schools. Azzaro says Jamilla is the exact allure he wants for. Azzaro. The two have collaborated on a capsule collection of eighteen pieces. They brought design inspiration from a Pakistani antique
wedding smock and used circular embroidery motifs.

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