Thursday, March 19, 2009

Barbie Goes Wild With Tatoos

A minority of consumers are making issues that the doll now comes with tattoos of butterflies, hearts, flowers and stars. These tattoos are not gang related images nor send a negative message, but are more like stickers. Many mothers have real tattoos and let their daughters get temporary tattoos for fun. Most people would be more shocked at some of Barbie's outfits and the way tweens and teens are dressing today. The doll's unrealistic body shape could seen as been more traumatic, in that it could send the message that thin is in and anorexic problems are frequently overlooked. In the past, Barbie's friend, Midge, was pregnant and that sent triggers about teen pregnancy and what girls might possibly view as role models. Other dolls have temporary tattoos, so this is not a new phenomena. One also has the option not to buy these dolls. The current state of the world has more crucial issues to deal with.

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