Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Lengths Mascara will go to the Market: Great Expectations

Recently Sephora, department stores, and drugstores have gone to great lengths to come out with so many new brands of mascara. How does a girl decide which one to buy? Almost every cosmetic line has a new mascara out. Almay's Intense i-color has almost the same tactic as Cover Girl even the eye color enhancement colors have the same names; they both have Black Pearl for hazel eyes. I think consumers would like to believe mascaras have major differences , but some may concentrate on special features and stand out packaging. In the long run, mascara can darken, thicken , lengthen, curl, add color or highlights, be waterproof and non- clumpy. The market has become over saturated with varied tactics, but at the end of the day one can bat an eyelash at the influx of these styles.

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