Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get Fit While You Flop

FitFlops, invented by Marcia Kilgore the founder of Bliss Spas, are the new

shoe for fitness and comfort. The 1970s had Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals, the

'80s Reeboks, and Birkenstocks and Mephistos have followed. FitFlops were

featured on Oprah's Favorite Things", foam exercise sandals. They make your feet

look smaller and help one your body. The FitFlop web site reports that they

"have been shown to trigger increased gluteal muscle response, increased hamstring

response, and help improve thih and calf muscles. Marcia Kilgore likes to think

of these shoes as jolie-laide, or pretty-ugly. Some have given positive

fashion feedback and others migh not care whether they are in vogue. The Fitflops

priced at $49.99 are reasonable and seem to be a blissful way to walk.

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