Monday, June 15, 2009

Hermes Helicopter

Helicoptere par Hermes, the world's first 6 million dollar helicopter was purchased by Abu Dhabi. It is a mixture of design and fusion. Hermes worked in conjunction with Eurocopter and delivered this luxury air craft styled in brown and cream with their signature orange color. The seats and banquettes are all natural grained Hermes leather and there is a glass partition between the VIP/business section and the crew. Their classic "Toile H" is used to cover the cockpit. Ironically, Hermes is opening its' 23rd boutique,in East Hampton, NY, this season. It will be a small boutique selling scarves, hand bags, and beach towels, but the CEO does not predict the economy is an asset. Two were also planned to open in China. At least someone is flying the friendly skies with Hermes.

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