Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wildlife Photographer and Upcoming Model

Amber Myles Arbrucci has been in a fair number of campaigns including such brands as; XOXO,covers and editorials in major fashion magazines, True Religion, Victoria's Secret and has modeled for many other high fashion and casual wear companies, and won a top contest in the UK. She has worked with well known photographers; Bruce Weber, Ellen von Unworth, and Sante D'Orazio. She herself is a photographer and does her own nature exploration pictures, in addition to working with publications like National Geographic. She swims with whales and hikes with elephants. She did a portfolio that was featured in the leading Israeli newspaper. Amber has traveled to locales like Rwanda, Israel, and Kenya. A famous photographer states that capturing a picture in images is like immortalizing life before the eminent finality of death.

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