Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picture Me

Model Sara Ziff has been a model for awhile and has been through her trials and tribulations within the fashion industry. After seeing young girls being or at least feeling exposed and "exploited" by mainly older men ie. some photographers, agents, and other industry professionals, she decided to co-produce, with another woman Olha, a documentary on the subject. Ziff was discovered as a teen and has been in major ad campaigns, but was innocently discovered by a couple with a baby stroller. She does reveal later on that during one photo shoot, she was asked to take off her clothes and show her bra and underwear. Another story Sara Ziff tells is of a model who went for a Gucci test shoot and was touched in a way that was inappropriate. The official title is "Picture Me: the truth about modeling" and is analogous to Micheal Gross' book The Ugly Side of Modeling. Sometimes the model becomes an object of fantasy and ceases to be recognized as a person.

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