Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jane the publicity shy in the Lauder family

Jane Lauder, one of Estee Lauder's grandaughters and daughter Ronald Lauder is

leaving her position as marketing leader of he Prescriptive line.

She is going to try her hands at Kohl's Department Store with cosmetic

lines named Flirt and American Beauty. Estee Lauder has acquired many companies,

but this is a new type of venture for their company and they want the new market.

L'oreal owns Maybelline and Kiehls and Proctor and Gamble has

the market on Cover Girl and Oil of Olay. Jane Lauder as opposed to her sister,

Aerin Lauder Zinterhoff, is frequently seen at events which are pictured in

fashion magazines. She also is head of creative marketing at Estee Lauder. Jane

Lauder got married fairly recently in Palm Beach, Florida to business leader

Kevin Warsh, a Harvard Law School graduate who has worked on governmental economic

policy. Jane did not want to be photographed or even show off her wedding dress.

The Lauder family says; "We are not a family business, but a famly in business.

Jane Lauder Warsh is one of the more quiet family members.

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