Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Vogue Asia Standard of Beauty: White Blonde Girls

Vogue India features "poor" people on the street to model such as items as

a Louis Vuitton baby bib and has an old man holding a Burbery umbrella.

Vogue India has just come out this past year and the magazine is still

making editorial judgements as to how one should market luxury goods in

a country with a wide socioeconomic divide. Vogue China launched,in 2005,

has not had the same problems because most of the poor live in more rural

areas. Both issues have had a public relations problems with their debut

covers because they have Australian model,Gemma Ward, in the center of both

issues. The objection is that even though both magazines have Indian and

Chinese models, the attention is given to the Caucasian model and not the more

ethnic, less Anglo look. The Indians are more sensitive to this, having been

under British colonial rule and the feeling lighter skinned Indians are

considered more beautiful. Vogue appears to have pictured Western beauty

standards in a different cultural market.

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