Friday, October 24, 2008

Risque Fashion Power

No one blinked at the Marc Jacobs fashion show when a model wore a sheer

black top with a revealig nipple ring, the Chris Benz show had see-through

camisoles, and at Derek Lam's a girl's breasts were visible. Calvin Klein,

the all "American" designer showed a transparent raincoat with only a

thong underneath. In the 2008 political year, the fashion world is making

a political statement. As a society we are at war about wich way to go.

We have become desensitized to images of sex , so some designers even went

for the bondage look. Deigner's intention to provoke social reaction, like

that of four decades ago, might have done better putting lipstick on a

pig. Palin's lipstick Hillary's pants, and Cindy McCain's $300,000

outfit are up for your vote with the rest of the collections.

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